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Our Green Thumb Gets the Job Done

Your lawn and general outdoor space should be a rejuvenating retreat that you never want to leave. But without proper care and treatment, your lawn can suffer, growing weeds and other unwanted, pesty problems. To avoid that, routine care by a local, Memphis, TN professional is highly advised. Our experts can provide maintenance to your entire property in every season. At Ellington Landscape Design,we strive to preserve your lawn and plants for the long-term. We provide various types of care for your lawn and landscape planting, including: preventive, disease, and nutritional. Call us today to learn more about the landscape maintenance services we offer.


Why Hire an Expert for Landscape Maintenance?

Beautiful lawns and gardens, whether residential or commercial, don’t grow and maintain themselves. To set your landscape up for success, routine maintenance is your best option. To execute all your landscape maintenance needs, consulting with an Ellington Landscape Design expert is highly advised. Here’s why:

Unparalleled Experience

Experts at Ellington Landscape Design have vast knowledge and experience when it comes to lawn and plant health. To our experts, caring for your garden entails more than just standard maintenance. It means cultivating your environment for future growth and development.

Seasonal Mindfulness

Each season brings its own unique challenges. Different temperatures and rainfall can profoundly affect the health and growth of your lawn and garden. Our experts know what steps to take depending on the season.

Consistent & Available

From lawn mowing and fall leaf removal to seasonal planting and pruning, Ellington Landscape Design can care for all your maintenance needs. We want to hear from you to make sure that you are happy with our service. We are always available by phone, email, or text for any questions, concerns, or special requests.

Building Beautiful Landscapes from the Ground Up